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BBD S.A. (referred to hereinafter as the "Company") with respect and responsibility for the security of personal data, protect the privacy you directly and personally handle your data in accordance with the principles of legality and transparency. The personal data we collect and process depends on the product or service requested and agreed with you on a case-by-case basis.

This privacy statement is addressed to :

  • To physical persons who are existing or potential customers of the Company
  • To physical persons who are suppliers or contractors of the Company
  • Visitors to the Company's premises
  • To site visitors.

and provides :

  • OVERVIEW of the reasons for which the Company collects and processes your personal data and how it performs this processing, in accordance with section not National Legislation on data protection and the General Rules for t not Data Protection (2016 / 679) of the EU ( GDPR )
  • Information about what, beyond the Company and for what purposes are personal data collected
  • Information on the rightfully direct you as to the access, correction, deletion, opposition and portability of your data.

For your convenience or reading this, we inform you that personal data is referred to as "personal data", "personal data" or "personal information". Also the term "processing" refers to the collection, registration, use, adaptation or alteration, protection, transfer and deletion / destruction of your personal data or any other action on them.

For the purposes of this information, as personal data means any information relating to you, by which it is established or can verify your identity and include, without limitation , the name you directly , address you, the d Addresses email you and since identifiers IDs you, as the direction Internet Protocol (IP address ) or the number s identity.

This information is NOT intended for Legal Entities under Private and Public Law.

1. The categories of personal data we process

1. 1 Categories of Personal Data

We collect and process Data of a personal nature belonging to the following categories:

  • Identification data, such as name, surname, gender, ID, AMKA, VAT, date and place of birth, gender, etc.
  • Communication data, such as postal and email address, landline and mobile phone number
  • Data finances and assets such as occupation, income , bank account numbers, Fiscal data price and with income nature
  • Data relating to identification of the identitys, which are provided by the recording phone devices or applications that use either as an Internet Protocol address ( IP address) or other data provided by means of electronic devices as position identification and data piloting thought website (Cookies )
  • Image and audio data collected by the closed circuit television ( CCTV ) and the telephone conversation recordings
  • Information contained in the CV of prospective employees.

2. Why we collect and process your personal information

As mentioned, we are committed to protecting the privacy d you and handle your data with legal and transparent manner. Therefore, we collect and process data of personal character, for the following reasons:

2 .1 For your convenience, as clients or suppliers of the Company

We process your personal information in order to provide you with products, services and information. This treatment serves purposes such as:

  • The preparation and execution of contracts with you as customers or suppliers of the Company and the necessary communication with you
  • The provision of information on the Company's products
  • The sending of promotional / informative, advertising programs of the Company
  • briefing you about products and services already distributed
  • Survey conduction

2 .2 To manage the operations of the Company

We process your personal data, because it is necessary for the efficient operation of the Company and to comply the with the s rules governing the operation of . This treatment serves purposes such as :

  • The defending of interests of the Company before judicial and other authorities in any judicial or extra-judicial dispute resolution
  • The Company's compliance with the obligations imposed on it by the applicable legal and regulatory framework, such as the directives and decisions of supervisory authorities and courts, tax law, etc.
  • The placement of personnel by posting job ads
  • Conducting research on the use of our products and customer satisfaction to improve our services
  • The protection of persons and assets of the Company, through the installation of video surveillance systems ( CCTV)
  • Further development of the Company's operations, through promotions for new products and services.

Legal processing bases

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the principles of legality and transparency. Processing is based on one or more of the following reasons:

  • To execute a contract we have concluded with you. We may need to process your personal data to provide a product or service that you have already or requested.
  • For our compliance with our legal obligations. The Company must comply with the regulatory framework governing its operation.
  • To defend our legitimate interests in pursuit of legitimate business objectives. We use your personal information to make our communication with you more relevant and personalized and to create an effective and efficient information and communication for you regarding our products and services.
  • Because you have given your consent. From time to time, we may need your consent to use your personal information for one or more of the purposes described above.

3. Who is the recipient of your personal data

There is a case to convey your personal data for any of the reasons mentioned above (Section 2) or in the event that we have given your consent. In the foregoing circumstances, the recipients of personal data may be:

  • Auditing regulators , independent and judicial authorities and public sector bodies (eg relevant tax office) to the extent that there is a regulatory obligation .
  • Credit institutions for the execution of contracts, orders and transactions with you Companies belonging to the same group as the Company
  • Associate law firms or associate lawyers, notaries as well as bailiffs to handle litigation or out-of-court cases
  • Audit and / or accounting companies to meet the Company's obligations
  • Companies conducting research, analysis and promotion of products or services
  • Companies that help us to efficiently deliver our services to you , recently Ronda expertise, solutions and support.

Your personal data is not transmitted to third countries (ie countries outside the European Economic Area ). If however this is required, it will happen if :

  • Ensure an adequate level of data protection by time according to relevant from the European Commission rulings made
  • Appropriate safeguards have been provided for the lawful treatment of the recipient in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

In the absence of the foregoing reasons, transmission may only be made if:

  • The transfer is necessary in the context of implementation as your contract with t the Law Society
  • The transfer is made to fulfill a contractual or statutory obligation
  • The transfer is necessary to defend the legitimate interests of the Company or to establish legal claims.
  • You have given your explicit consent.

4 . To what extent is there an automated decision-making process, including profiling

We do not use an automated decision-making process when designing and conducting a business.

In any case, if we proceed in the future with an automated profile-making process we will have your explicit consent beforehand.

5 . How long we keep your personal information

We will keep your personal data for at least as long as we maintain a contractual relationship with you.

The retention period of your data also depends on: (i ) the requirements of the legislation e.g. tax laws, data retention requirements (ii) the nature and requirements of our relationship with you.

After our contractual relationship with you expires, we hold your personal information for up to twenty (20) years.

Your data is kept as follows:

  • Respond to requests, questions and complaints about the legal and transparent processing of your data
  • Comply with the statutory our obligations
  • Protect the legal interests of the Company in the event of litigation.

In particular, no image of video surveillance systems vibrating at trading venues or at the entrances of the Company are maintained for a period not exceeding fifteen (15) days of receipt unless you or the General Secretariat for Consumer request to conserve them.

In the event that the necessary period of retention of your data elapses, they will be deleted from the Company's databases, unless further compliance is required by the need to comply with a relevant statutory provision or contractual obligation of the Company.

6. Your rights regarding personal data

As subjects of the data we hold, you have the following rights:

  • Access your personal data. This enables you to e.g. receive a copy of the personal data we hold about you and verify that we process it legally, and request that you obtain a copy of your personal data in a structured, machine-readable, formatted format to transmit it this data to other organizations.
  • Request the correction of the personal data we hold about you. This enables you to correct any incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you.
  • Request the deletion of your personal information (known as the "right to be forgotten"). This allows you to request that we delete your personal data when there is no good reason to continue to process it.
  • To oppose the processing of your personal data (known as the "right to object"), where processing is done for marketing purposes or are intended for processing based on the legitimate interest of EDF.
  • Request to limit the processing of your personal data. This allows you to ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data, that is, to use it only in certain cases if:
    • question their accuracy
    • have been used illegally, but you do not wish to delete them
    • they are no longer needed, but you want to keep them for use in possible legal claims
    • we have been asked to stop using your personal data, but expect to confirm you, if we have legitimate reasons to use them

To make your request, you may contact the Company's office in writing or by email at info@lainiotis.gr

The Company is required to respond to every callback request directly to you within thirty (30) days of receipt of. In exceptional cases, this deadline may be extended for an additional sixty (60) days by informing you.

In addition, you may file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority if you believe that your personal data is not processed in accordance with the terms herein.

7 . How we protect your personal data

The Company takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data relating to accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of improper processing. It is fully compliant with all the principles that should govern the processing of personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

8 . Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data

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