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“To grow a leading medical business tightly with Social Sensitivity:
in our land, we feel the historical obligation of being part of the Human Story. A successful story..”

BBD Lainiotis


was founded in 1989 in Patras, Greece. Along the way, BBD has established itself among leaders in domestic distribution of medical disposables and devices throughout the entire territory’s institutions and all-kind-of facilities.

BBD achieved to set up a product portfolio configuring one of the broadest ranges of medical consumables, expanded to PPE, surgical disposable and sterilization bio-products.

Based on the exceptional growth and the penetration in multidisciplinary surgical fields, BBD significantly invests towards the company vision to protagonize in the business sector of biosurgery, mostly expressed by advanced applications of cell technology, electrical surgery and tissue regeneration.



In the last 2 years, BBD has integrated a team of professionals who brought in a high know-how and expertise of 10-20 years, matched to a blend of academic backgrounds, intrinsically mixed with the common denominator of experience with niche products and (with) thousands of hours of attendance in operational rooms.

Our ambition reflects our well-established and strong position as a main stakeholder in the domestic medical business, projecting to further expand the network and enhance export activities.


To reach the next level in our business success-story, while protagonizing in the optimization of medical cares to patients upon the most advanced technologies, technics and materials; we are structuring a product portfolio of excellence.


Being already a leading company in several domestic medical business sectors, BBD aspires to develop supremacy also in the bio-surgical domestic market and to become a recognizable distribution brand in South-Eastern Europe region.


BBD formed the new bio-surgery division by embodying a multidisciplinary team of professionals sourced from within the industry, all carrying the expertise of a 10-15 years of successful endeavor, while working for top-leading corporations upon competences such as of International Sales and Marketing manager, product specialists from biosurgery field and electro-surgery, bio-technology experts.


Theodore - Head of Biosurgery Sales team.

MEDTRONIC (Formerly TYCO), Ethicon Endo (J&J Group) , CANA (AngioDynamics) Sales dept Head.


Fotis - Head of Technical Division.

O/R Capital Equipment Specialist & C.S.S.D. After Sales Consultant.


Dimitris - International Marketing & Sales Development Director

Former GENZYME, BARD ConMed and Microsulis distribution manager South Eastern Europe.

Beyond the full involvement in promotional activities, training courses and intra-operation support, our specialists are extremely familiar with the following medical specialties, indications and products:

Surgical Specialties and Indications (part of):

1. General Surgery: Open-Lap Cholecystectomy, Upper G.I tract, Colectomies, Laparoscopic Colon Resection., Hemorrhoids (Advanced), Sils (Single Incision Lap Surgery), Whipple, Hepatectomy.

2. Thoracic Surgery: Lobectomy, Wedge resection, Pneumonectomy, Sternotomy.

3. Urological: Vasectomy, Total Prostatectomy, Open Radical Nephrectomy, al also laparoscopic assisted; incontinence.

4.Gynecological: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, incontinence, caesaric, open and laparoscopy assisted.

but also, a wide range of operations in 5. cardio-surgery, 6. neurosurgery, 7. plastic surgery, etc.

Members of our team, more precisely, carry an emphatic expertise in the broadest range of Ablation technologies: RF radio-frequency, M/W micro-wave, IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) in liver and pancreas and other applications.

Last but not least, is to emphasize the successful business of BBD in the fields of Infections with the high technology’s incubators and Biological Indicators of TERRAGENE, as well as with the ultimate, microbicide Silver Ions technology BIOMASTER of CBS.

Our integrated professionals, in the past, have been successfully working and selling products for the following firms:

COVIDIEN (former TYCO), J&J GROUP, ConMed, ANGIODYNAMICS, STERYLAB, STARMED, CUSA, Microsulis, EmCyte, GENZYME, Wortham Laboratories, Synthemed, BARD Urology and others.



BBD Nik Lainiotis SA is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 & EN ISO 13485:2016 standards, as well as the Greek Ministry of Health directive DY8d/1384/2004

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