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Hippocrates, in 400 B.C., was the first to apply heating for the heal of abscesses .

BBD dedicated, ultimate mission is to provide patients with the greater opportunity of accelerating the healing by supplying the health system with the most advanced medical materials and technics sourced from the fields of bio-materials, tissue engineering and regeneration, for surgical applications.”

Our team carries a transdisciplinary academic background ranging from International Marketing & Sales management, to Biology and Biomedical Technology, matched to 10-15 years of experience with the most advanced surgical products and established Houses.

Beyond the full involvement in promotional activities, training courses and intra-operation support, our specialists are extremely familiar with the following medical specialties, indications and products:

Surgical Specialties and Indications (part of):

1. General Surgery: Open-Lap Cholecystectomy, Upper G.I tract, Colectomies, Laparoscopic Colon Resection., Hemorrhoids (Advanced), Sils (Single Incision Lap Surgery), Whipple, Hepatectomy.

2. Thoracic Surgery: Lobectomy, Wedge resection, Pneumonectomy, Sternotomy.

3. Urological: Vasectomy, Total Prostatectomy, Open Radical Nephrectomy, al also laparoscopic assisted; incontinence.

4.Gynecological: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, incontinence, caesaric, open and laparoscopy assisted.

but also, a wide range of operations in 5. cardio-surgery, 6. neurosurgery, 7. plastic surgery, etc.

Members of our team, more precisely, carry an emphatic expertise in the broadest range of Ablation technologies: RF radio-frequency, M/W micro-wave, IRE (Irreversible Electroporation) in liver and pancreas and other applications.

New challenges are now targeted for distributing innovative products and technics to make them leaders in our market.

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